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December, 2014

Red Hawk Technologies Employs Talk 1 Branding Expertise To Launch New Product

Talk 1 was called upon to develop and produce a branding strategy, including name and logo, for Red Hawk Technologies’ new, proprietary service offering. Talk 1 was closely engaged with Red Hawk’s principals in a proven methodology, first providing multiple name concepts, with rationale and positioning for each pertaining to new product name recommendations. Once the name, Red Harbor™, was selected, Talk 1 set itself to the task of developing and producing a selection of graphic logo icons, each designed to support the product name and concept. The final design meets everyone’s highest expectations for excellence.

Red Harbor™ is a platform as a service (PaaS) developed by Red Hawk Technologies, providing customers with a single location to access data collected from points of conversion across multiple brands and interactive marketing programs.

In addition to centralizing and securing large amounts of data, Red Harbor™ customers will use the platform to collect, store, monitor, and report on critical information specific to each digital marketing program. Information will include program owners, SaaS application credentials, platform dependencies, Agency dependencies, and program performance ratings.

The Red Harbor™ platform includes an API. The Harbor Master API™ integrates points of conversion within each digital marketing program to ensure the safe passage of data in and out of the Red Harbor™ platform. The API will also be used to support custom integrations with enterprise applications, mobile applications, best-of-class BI applications, and more.

In this ever-evolving world of interactive marketing, your service providers are your knowledge experts — dictating tools, techniques, while on-boarding a barrage of technologies into your business Red Harbor™ is a safe haven for your digital marketing data and initiatives, truly providing a “Harbor Master” who secures and monitors the flow of information.


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